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The winners of this year’s Outstanding Minority-Owned Small Business award given by The SCORE Foundation and sponsored by AT&T, is our own Orange County- based ViArch Integrated Solutions.



Photo Courtesy: Dog Is Good

Photo Courtesy: Dog Is Good

Dog is Good

The SCORE Awards is an annual event that celebrates the outstanding achievements of America’s small businesses. This year’s awards take place in August in Dallas, TX. This year, we are proud to announce that a SCORE OC business has won the award for the Outstanding Veteran-Owned Small Business. The winner is Dog is Good, a pet-themed retail store in Los Alamitos.



Mai and Josh Olivo started selling items on eBay in 2004 out of their Orange County garage, things like homemade decorative magnets, toys, power tools, pretty much anything they could sell online for a profit.


Jim Song and Scott Won Choi (l-r) of Irvine, CA-based Caffe Borsa.

Jim Song and Scott Won Choi (l-r) of Irvine, CA-based Caffe Borsa.

Caffe Borsa, part 1

When Scott Won Choi and Jim Song went in search of the perfect cup of coffee, they did what born-t0-be entrepreneurs do–they invented it themselves.



borsa products

Caffe Borsa, part 2

SCORE OC: What mistakes did you make in the beginning of your business?

Choi: When we started the business, we didn’t know there could be so much things to prepare and invest our time into. Because we decided to have our manufacturing in South Korea which had different business culture than ours we had some difficulty in negotiation in the beginning.

nail loungeThe Nail Lounge, part 1

Opening in 2005, The Nail Lounge in Costa Mesa was a neighborhood treasure when Cathy Freeborn and Cherri Phan took over ownership in 2009. Along with Dionne Uman, the entrepreneurs just opened their second location in Metropointe. In part one, SCORE OC talked to Dionne Uman about the nail salon’s history.

nail lounge owners

The Nail Lounge, part 2

In yesterday’s post we learned about how The Nail Lounge’s three owners came into their careers in entrepreneurship. Today, in Part 2, we’ll learn about the second location and what advice they have for new business owners.







alisha musume


The ATC Agency, part 1

When Alisha Musume Smith, 25, started The ATC Agency over a year ago, it was the only business of its kind in Southern California, so she had to forge her own trail.

The ATC Agency, part 2



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