Taking Your Small Business Online

andyToday the Internet rules the world. Having a website is a must for today’s successful businesses. The Internet has facilitated people’s lives over the past 20 years, and has grown into a giant by now: everyone uses it to search for products and services, that’s why a strong online presence is necessary to stay among the front-rank players. Still, as the online market is getting saturated, it is a great challenge to stand out from the crowd and draw the attention of your audience even with a small marketing budget. The story of Honey Elixir will help and inspire you in achieving your business goals.

Once upon a time…

Our hero, Andy is an enthusiastic, ambitious and hard-working man. He is a qualified alternative therapist and organic gardener. He’s his own man, he works hard on his organic farm every day in order to give everything to his family and make his dreams come true. The fruits and vegetables produced on his farm are sold in his small shop located in the city. However, it’s not his yummy, 100% pure lettuce or tomato which he is the most proud of. He has a hobby: beekeeping.

He is a happy owner of more than a hundred beehives. He is famous for being an excellent beekeeper, he knows everything about these industrious little creatures and honey production, he learnt all the tricks of the trade from his grandfather.

For more on Andy, see The Honey Elixir Project.

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How to Hire a Salesperson

172588313By Barry McKinley, SCORE OC counselor

Hiring a new employee is always a gamble. Effective interviewing will decease tremendously the chance of a bad hire. Too many business owners or managers hire the first or second person they interview. I wonder if they also got married after meeting their spouse for a half hour. I would be willing to bet NO. So why do they hire so quickly? The best answers are; they probably don’t enjoy interviewing, know how to do it, and hate to waste the time. Remember, with any new hire you are giving them the keys to your business. They can upset customers and fellow employees, they can steal from you, they can waste time (again stealing), and they can hurt your business for years after you terminate them. The average new hire costs you 2-3 times their annual earning when you factor in hiring costs, training, ramp-up time and weak hires.

I am a firm believer that you should look at a number of qualified applicants for a job opening. You may want to run ads in a few different locations. By doing this you will get different degrees of qualified applicants. Once you have done this you hopefully have a stack of resumes. Now you need sort into three piles, (1) Qualified, (2) Maybe, (3) I hope my competitor hires them.

You may want to take stack one and prequalify by phoning them and question them on their resume claims and get a better feel if this is the type of employee that would fit in your company. This also becomes an effective way to weed out those applicants lying or exaggerating on their resume.

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Next Women in Business Breakfast: Nov. 7, 2014

paul and deniseRegister today for the next Orange County Women in Business Breakfast Series!

November 7, 2014. 7:30 a.m.

Center Club
650 Town Center Dr, Costa Mesa 92626

$35 pre-register online; $40 at the door (cash or check only). Valet Parking included.

Guest speakers: Paul and Denise Fejtek, Authors, Adventurers

Reaching the Top in Business and Life
What does climbing Mt Everest have to do with achieving success in business?

This dynamic husband and wife team will share their exciting story with you about their Seven Summits quest, and what it takes to train, prepare, and select the right team to help you get to the top. After reaching the summit of Mt Everest, the highest point on Earth at 29,029 feet, Paul and Denise joined a small and extremely elite group of climbers. Paul’s book “Steps to the Summit” is not only an account of this adventure, but also a guidebook for achieving true success in business and in life. You will hear how to:

• Discover Your Creativity
• Lead and They Will Follow
• Make a Decision
• Move Fast
• Maintain a Sharp Focus
• Never Give Up
• And other valuable steps to reaching your S.U.M.M.I.T.

Register now! This event will sell out!