Branding Your Small Business

Want to Know the Secret to Success?

ThinkstockPhotos-158985731If you ask five different entrepreneurs their secrets of success, you’ll get five different answers–but all would be worth hearing. Learning from those who have gone before you should be on every small business owner’s “to-do” list. If you don’t have a mentor yet, make an appointment at your local Orange County SCORE office and get free expert advice.

Here are 75 Secrets of Success from the World’s Most Successful People, from Bill Gates to Tony Blair.

These principles of very successful business leaders have enabled them to achieve their highest career goals. Implement these into your life and you will see an improvement in your career.

1. Tackle your toughest task first thing in the morning. Instead of dreading the most difficult task you need to do, try working on this task when you arrive at the office in the morning. This will take the pressure off the rest of your day, making smaller tasks seem easier and more pleasurable to complete.

2. Learn from your failures. “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” –Bill Gates. The best way to learn is to try, and sometimes when you try you fail. This is not necessarily a bad thing and you should not be afraid to try just because you might fail. In fact, learning from your failures is the best way to improve your work.

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Email Mentoring Availability July 20-July 31

ThinkstockPhotos-186066717E-mail Mentors Available for July

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Cathy Beard
Expertise: human resources, computer industry (it business end), city government, counseling, customer service, labor relations, retirement services, transportation industry
Harold Beral
Expertise: Real estate, finance, dispute resolution, litigation, leasing, insurance, insurance claims, contracts, choice of business entities, legal issues for businesses, buy/sell businesses.
George Blanc
Expertise: Business plans, consulting, strategic planning, finance, cash flow, accounting, advertising/public relations, marketing, swap meets, restaurants, nonprofits.

Peter Foley
Expertise: Business plans and strategies, marketing and pricing, sales, transportation industry, trucking, freight forwarding, warehouse distribution, ecommerce.
Leonard Kranser
Expertise: Acquisitions, business valuations, business plans, consumer goods, finance, government contracting, manufacturing, marketing & sales, mechanical engineering, small business management, quality control, strategic planning.
Barry McKinley
Expertise: Business start-ups, human resources, medical equipment, mergers & acquisitions, motorsports industry (motorcycles & watercraft), marketing & sales, managing manufacturer’s reps, negotiations, retail & wholesale distribution.
Pete Rabbitt
Expertise: Banking, insurance (all types), buying & selling a business, customer service, finance, marketing & sales.

Zoila Sanguinetti
Expertise: Accounting, banking, accounts receivable, accounts payable, business plans, cash flow forecasting, customer service, financing, industrial engineering, sales, strategic planning, fluent in spanish.

Alan Simon
Expertise: Accounting, business operations, financial planning, government contracting, human resources, intellectual property, it services, manufacturing, marketing, non-profits, product development, public relations, sales, start-ups, supply chain management.

David Sweet
Expertise: Aerospace/defense, business plans, business & real estate law, buying / selling a business, consulting, electronics, government contracting, insurance, manufacturing, mergers & acquisitions, strategic planning.
Jack Tsai
Expertise: Computer hardware, international business – import / export, product development, marketing, sales, wholesale distribution, business plans & strategies, start-ups, business turnarounds, internet & social media, internet marketing.