Wanna Be a Success Story?

tom patty and john pietrogiselle chapmanJoin us for the next Women in Business Breakfast Series

Friday, February 6, 2015
The Center Club, Costa Mesa

Featured Speakers: Tom Patty, John Pietro & Giselle Chapman

Plan to attend this breakfast to learn the six essential components that are present in virtually every SCORE success story.

If you have ever wanted to be a SCORE Success Story, you cannot afford to miss this special, one-time presentation. This is the perfect way to start the new year off and take your business to the next level.

Tom Patty has over 20 years of marketing  experience working with some the biggest and best companies in the US like Apple, Nike, Nissan, Pizza Hut, and Yamaha.

John Pietro has over 30 years of experience both as an entrepreneur and senior executive at leading marketing agencies and quick service restaurants.

Giselle Chapman is a success story and an entrepreneur with years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals.


WHEN: Friday, February 6th 2015 from
7:30 am – 10:30 am
Registration / Networking begins at 7:30 AM
Exhibit Table setup begins at 7:00 AM

The Center Club,
650 Town Center Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Located just past the ticket office for the OC Performing Arts

Individuals – $35 Advanced Registration
– $40 after 02/04/15 and at the door
Exhibit table – $75 (includes breakfast for one attendee) Online only

Please Click Here to pre-register

Most of our Women’s Breakfast for Champions events have been sold-out so, please register early!

Top 7 Sales Myths

salesWhen it comes to selling, there are a lot of myths that have been perpetuated as conventional wisdom that aren’t even close to being true.  Of course, true sales professionals know the difference between the truth and what’s not, but what about those new to the industry, or those who have to sell but it isn’t necessarily the main focus of their job?

Martin Limbeck, an international sales authority, sought-after keynote speaker, dubbed “The Porsche of Sales” and author of NO Is Short for Next Opportunity—How Top Sales Professionals Think, breaks down the seven biggest sales myths:

Myth #1: You need to be born to sell.
Truth: Hard work always trumps talent. Anyone can sell. Think of a child who wants something bad enough, for example. In sales, before reaping the rewards comes sowing, a lot of field work and tons of practice.  With enough hard work, almost anyone can become successful in sales.

Myth #2: If you can talk someone’s ear off, you’re a good sales professional.

Truth: Top sales professionals recognize the principles that are dear to the client and take them seriously. What’s most important is that you’re able to listen, observe, recognize and understand. Only then start talking, and talk in such a way that you get through to your client.

Myth #3: Sales is a profession where you’ll get rich quickly.
Truth: Even though sales provides many great opportunities to make good money, don’t focus on the money or your commission. Provide your customer with a benefit. Make his life easier. Contribute to his success and development. There isn’t a single person who made it rich overnight in sales, but if you focus on your customer’s benefit, the money will flow.

Myth #4: The first three minutes of your meeting with the client determine whether you will close the deal or not.
Truth: Your sales success hinges on the three hours before your meeting, on your mental programming and your will to succeed. Success is often decided based on what’s going on between your ears.

Myth #5: When the client says no, they mean nothing but no.
Truth: Most of the time, a client’s ‘NO’ is just short for ‘Next Opportunity.’ Many times you’ll just get one of the typical objections (not now, not interested, we have all we need, etc.,) but top sales professionals know how to handle these.  They know a ‘no’ is only temporary and that follow up and persistence leads to more closed deals.

Myth #6: Cold calling is dead in today’s sales world.
Truth: Social media is just the chocolate powder sprinkled on top of your cappuccino. You still need the basics like prospecting and establishing personal relationships with potential clients. Telephone sales is the quintessential sales discipline and those who excel at it will also excel at Internet and face-to-face communication.

Myth #7: Good consultants make the best salespeople.
Truth: The best salespeople are those who close the deals.  Despite what we’ve been led to believe, there is no wrong time to close a deal.  You’re not a consultant, advisor or instructor and it’s not your job to explain every little detail about the product. More deals are missed by neglect than the number that are made. Never take your eye off the close.


How to Build Customers’ Trust

customers trust